Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chennai Super Kings’ Ring of Honor

As we step into IPL 4, we look back at some of our class performers who have since retired or moved out of the team. They brought leadership and contributed to the success of the team. They help CSK win IPL and Champions League events. They brought success, joy and pride to the team and its fans. Some took their contribution off the field and reached out to the fans and the Chennai city. The nominees for this year's Chennai Super Kings Ring of Honor include:

  1. Mathew Hayden: Haydo had 2 spectacular seasons with CSK and was a leading scorer. He was an integral part of the team's IPL3 and Champions League successes. He entertained the crowds with his Aussie never-say-die spirit and intimidating presence. He opted out of the recent auction leading to IPL 4 and retired graciously. He calls Chennai as his second home and is part of the city's long term plans as the Director of the planned Cricket Academy
  2. Muthiah Muralidharan: The crowd favorite, Murali was the leading spinner for CSK in their first 3 IPLs. He brought the intensity that made him the best spinner in the world to help CSK win big. He mentored the likes of Ashwin and Jakati to become good performers. Kochi outbid Chennai with $1.1 Mn. for Murali in IPL 4 but Chennai will never forget its Mapillai and his contributions
  3. Makaya Ntini: Ntini was the Energizer Bunny who brought cheer to the team in the dressing room. He performed well whenever given the opportunity and was part of the team that was consistently successful in all 3 IPL seasons

The process to select includes:

Step 1: Send your votes by E-mail to by March 15, 2011

Step 2: Experts will analyze the merits of the Candidates

Step 3: Merit (Expert Votes) and Popularity (Fan Votes) will be accounted for in determining the players who will enter in to CSK's Ring of Honor

Step 4: Results will be published in the site on the day of IPL 4 inauguration

Your votes do matter. Send it right away to

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